Advisory to streamline possession of exotic species released

Pashu Sandesh, 11th June 2020

Exotic live species are animal or plant species moved from their original range (location) to a new one. These species are introduced to a new location most often by people. Many citizens of the country have kept CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) enlisted exotic animal species in their possession but there is no unified information system available of such stock of species at the State/Central level. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has decided to collect stock information from the holders of such species through voluntary disclosure in the next six months.

The registration will be done for the stock of animals, new progeny, as well as for import and exchange. This will help in better management of the species and guide the holders about proper veterinary care, housing and other aspects of the well-being of the species. The database of exotic animals will also help in the control and management of zoonotic diseases on which guidance would be available from time to time to ensure the safety of animals and humans.

The declarer would not be required to produce any documentation in relation to the exotic live species if the same has been declared within six months of the date of issue of the advisory. For any declaration made after 6 months, the declarer shall be required to comply with the documentation requirement under the extant laws and regulations.

Holders of such species have to visit the website ( fill up the requisite forms in order to complete the stock registration process.