Tips for cleaning, sanitizing poultry water lines

Pashu Sandesh, 28th July 2020

Dr V Rajendra Prasad

Water has one of the most significant impacts on flock health and performance. If your flocks are experiencing health or performance issues and nothing you try seems to help, the problem may be in the water. Clean, safe drinking water for your birds does not happen simply by chance. It takes work on our part.

We understand less about water than any other factor associated with raising poultry flocks. The poultry farms use various water sources ie such as the municipal water, underground water, and to some extent surface water and rainwater. 

Regardless of the source, it is highly important that the water provided should be free of microbial contamination to ensure flock health and performance ultimately ensures food safety. Therefore, water sanitation is a very crucial step in poultry operation and should be effectively carried out daily.

Water pipes should be cleaned with detergent at least once in two weeks preferably to remove biofilms causing bacterial proliferation.

Long pipes, suitable temperatures and deposits in the pipes left by vaccines, probiotics, antibiotics and vitamins will promote biofilm growth in water pipelines.

Consider maintaining a continual cleaning and sanitation program to control biofilm build-up when birds are in the house.

Completely Flush the water lines with clean, freshwater prior to sanitation and Flushing helps wash away potential food sources for bacteria or other organisms.

Use DT-Smart of HUVPHARMA which is an alkaline detergent at 2 litres for 100 litres of water which is having high descaling and degreasing power.

Distribute the adequate detergent solution throughout the pipeline for one hour. And afterwards, rinse twice with water through pipelines and don't allow birds to drink rinsing water. Now allow birds to drink freshwater which is free from bacterial and viral contamination which will benefit your flock performance. 

Never underestimate the importance of clean, safe water supply to the health and performance of your flocks.