Dr Sathyakumar of WII gets INSA best teacher award

Pashu Sandesh, 04 August 2019

Dr Sathyakumar Sambandam, a scientist working at Wild Life Institute of India (WII) Dehradun is chosen for the prestigious Indian National Science Academy (INSA) best teacher award 2019. Dr Sathyakumar is among the chosen 11 teachers from all across the nation belonging to various disciplines for the award. The award is given annually to the outstanding teachers who have not only guided their students but also motivated them to excel in their fields and undertake cutting edge research. 

Dr Sathyakumar Sambandam is PhD from WII and to his credit has many research papers and works on monitoring the wildlife in the Himalayan region. In the International assignments, he has done the monitoring of wildlife work in Antarctica. He guides MSc students in Wildlife Sciences, in-service officers of the PG diploma and certificate course.

He has been involved in field research on mountain ungulates, Galliformes and bears in the Indian Himalaya since 1989. His research interests are the ecology and conservation of wildlife in the mountains; development of field techniques for the study and monitoring of rare and endangered species; and the wildlife of the southern Indian Ocean and Antarctica. He is also involved in teaching high altitude ecology, habitat ecology, population ecology and quantitative ecology. Ice is presently the Co-chair of the South Asian Brown Bear Expert Team and a member of the IUCN/SSC Caprinae, Galliformes and Bear Specialist Groups.

“My motive is to serve humanity through conserving wildlife and Nature. And to be able to give out the best knowledge to students and the world that I have gained over the years through my experience” said Dr Sathyakumar in an interview to a leading newspaper.

The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) promotes science and its use in India. It was originally established in 1935 and was known as the 'National Institute of Sciences of India' until the present name was adopted in 1970. The Government of India recognised it in 1945 as the premier scientific society representing all branches of science in India. In 1968, it was designated as the adhering organisation in India to the International Council for Science (ICSU) on behalf of the Government of India. It is headquartered in New Delhi. It plays a role in promoting, recognising and rewarding excellence in scientific research. With a view to promoting the pursuit of excellence in the field of 'Science and Technology'.

Pashu Sandesh congratulates Dr Sathyakumar Sambandam on being chosen for the prestigious INSA best teachers award.