Unsung Warriors, Vets of India: Part 1 (Telangana)

Pashu Sandesh, 14th May 2020”

“Desperate times need desperate measures”, this is the mantra which seems to be driving the country in this torrid time of COVID 19 Pandemic. Everyone, Big and small seem to be doing their bit to contribute in the fight to save Humanity. While Humanity is suffering, there is a big Animal population which is suffering in silence. To mitigate their suffering as well as support the Humanity Vets of our country are walking extra mile creating some extraordinary stories on the pathway of dedication and sacrifice. 

Pashu Sandesh is committed to bringing forward the stories of these unsung warriors. We encourage our readers to come forward with their story to be heard and exemplify by everyone. In this series, we are bringing you the heartwarming efforts of the Vets from Telangana, narrated by 

Dr M K Srikanth

Ex-General Secretary, TSVASSA

Joint Secretary, IVA

“Telangana Veterinarians have played a commendable role by discharging their duties and delivering their services to the livestock farming community with utmost dedication and commitment even during Covid-19 time.

Other Departmental activities by the Veterinary doctors in Telangana during Covid-19 :

  • Identified the Markaz pilgrims exposed to Covid-19 and explained their family members about strict quarantine measures.
  • Involved in tracing out of primary contacts as well as suspects and shifted them to the quarantine centres.
  • Geo-tagging of primary contacts and application of stickers to the quarantine centres.
  • Ensured sanitary measures in the allocated areas including religious places.
  • Distributed essential commodities to the primary contacts.
  • Conducting door to door cluster containment survey.
  • Involved in the distribution of free ration to the poor  families
  • Provided groceries and vegetables at the doorstep in the containment areas.
  • Involved in disease diagnosis like the conduct of blood sugar tests etc to the patients while on COVID-19 duty.
  • Discharged duties at Covid-19 control centre.

Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department Activities :

  • Supplied the food to the stray dogs.
  • Supplies fodder to the large animals which were left on roads
  • Generated awareness to the pet owners not to leave their pets on roads as the COVID-19 does not spread from animals to humans as per the available scientific evidence.
  • All the Veterinary Institutions including Veterinary hospitals were kept open and all the Veterinarians and Para-professionals were available to provide services to the livestock farming community.
  • Attended the daily cases and treated the animals.
  • Performed surgeries and relieved dystocias at field level as well as in the various veterinary institutions.
  • Prevented illegal transportation of animals with the help of local police.
  • Ensured that the price of meat (Chicken & mutton) would be as per the prevailing market rates.
  • Checked for permits and licenses of the meat shops in urban areas and reported to the Government.
  • Prevented illegal slaughter of animals and ensured to follow COVID-19 regulations strictly at market places. 
  • Sample collection from suspected animals for confirmation of disease outbreaks
  • Organized statewide blood donation camps on the eve of World Veterinary day”.