Telangana Veterinary Assistant Surgeons Asso demands pay parity at par with Human Docs

Pashu Sandesh, 28th June 2018

Telangana Veterinary Assistant Surgeons Association (TSVASSA) has written a letter to the Chairman Pay Revision Commission Telangana State demanding parity in Pay scales for Veterinary Doctors at par with the Medical Doctors in Telangana State.

The letter dated 27th June, while thanking the Chief Minister K C Rao for setting up the 1st Pay revision Commission, have presented an elaborated comparison of their Profession with the Medical Profession in terms of the duration of the courses and the  duties following the appointment in the State services. Letter also elaborates on the decision of the Honorable Supreme court in this regard. Letter is signed by the President TSVASSA, Dr U R Ramesh and the General Secretary TSVASSA, Dr M K Srikanth.

It is worth noting that the Telangana is one of the five states of India which are yet to implement parity in the pay scales. Other non- implementing states are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Odisha and Tripura. Rest of the States and Union Territories have either implemented the pay parity or have set up the Pay Commissions for the revision of pay and settlement of parity issues. 

Telangana has rich Livestock resources majority of which lies in the rural areas. Providing quality Veterinary services in these areas is often challenging. Telangana has started many novel Veterinary service schemes such as Door step treatment of the Animals through mobile Veterinary Clinics. Implementation and success of such schemes largely depends upon the motivation and morale of the Veterinary Doctors working on the ground and reaching difficult areas. Bringing parity will certainly boost the morale of the Veterinary surgeons.