Deputy CM of Telangana heap insults at Veterinary Doctors

Pashu Sandesh, 24th June 2017

Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana Kadiyam Shrihari's power drunken mentality became apparent when he called veterinary doctors of the state novice and professionally illiterates. These negative remarks were received by the doctors even after they dedicated all their energy and left no stone unturned to make success the sheep distribution program organized by the state. During the sheep distribution program meant for distributing subsidised sheep to the poor, Deputy CM got overexcited and lost control of his tongue and called Veterinary doctors of the state novice in their profession and even less knowledgeable than the sheep owners. It is worth noting that the Deputy CM is also the education minister of the state. In his speech, he even called Vets as “so called doctors” and stressed that sheep owners can take better care of their sheep in comparison to the veterinary doctors.

Telangana state animal husbandry officers association and Telangana veterinary assistant surgeons association has taken a very serious view of the remarks spoken by a person of such a responsible position of the government and that too from a public forum.  What is even hurting more to the veterinary officers that in spite of their putting more than 100 percent effort they have to hear such derogatory words and undergo humiliation. In many cases, while procuring the sheep from various parts of the country they even have to pay from their pockets the agreed amount to the suppliers since the government sanctioned amount were still under process and the program was time bound.

Telangana state animal husbandry officers association and Telangana veterinary assistant surgeons association have decided to lodge a protest with the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and demand an immediate written apology from the Deputy CM. Telangana veterinary assistant surgeons association president Dr. P Pentaiyya while in discussion with Pashu Sandesh shared the further course of action to be taken by the veterinary surgeons of the state. Dr. Pentaiyya informed Pashu Sandesh that all the veterinary doctors are deeply hurt by the Dy CM’s comments and have decided to work with black ribbon armbands as a mark of protest till their demands are met. Dr. Pentaiyya through Pashu Sandesh called upon fellow veterinary doctors of the country to support them in their struggle to fight an insensitive system for the pride of the profession. He urged all the vets of the country to work with black armbands at their respective workplace as a mark of solidarity with the Telangana Veterinary doctors.

Pashu Sandesh being a responsible and dedicated national news portal to the veterinary profession will keep following and writing on this sensitive issue.